Appropriate facilities for the final assembly of products: Quality and Productivity. New 13,000m² facilities recently inaugurated, providing better development and assembly conditions, approval tests and delivery of our products.

Development Engineering
Totally computerized (CAD system), it guarantees the reliability of all equipment projected by the company and its continuous improvement. We seek the keys of contacts with our clients, visits to fairs of the sector and study of new systems, the continuous improvement of our equipment aiming maximum productivity, as a way to improve the quality of the products manufactured and energy saving.

Technical Updating
Pavan Zanetti maintains constant technical updating courses for its employees and clients, a constant concern regarding technical enhancement. Courses and speeches are periodically prepared and held in the new factory, always aiming the technical preparation of our technical personnel, as well as of professionals of the sector.

Production Quality
A correct treatment to the request of special equipment is the major concern to assure the production quality. Technical meetings to define special equipment before the placement of purchase orders provide reliability and security to the clients.